Friday, July 8, 2011

Julia Korfhage

I have to admit that I LOVE masturbating to FBBs. I have to agree that the type of FBBs that I'm masturbating to actually depends on my mood, but most of the time I LOVE thick and tanned meat. Yesterday I had a lust for some Asian flavor, and my cock agreed to this piece of thick and juicy Asian meat - JULIA KORFHAGE.

All FBB fans should check Julia out during 2010 Nationals She is the overall winner. I have her posing pics during 2010 Nationals, unfortunately not the video of her routine. Anyway, a slide-show is enough to make my cock mad with desire. I started stroking. I began to feel the sensation of as the result of my strokes. Julia totally drives me wild with passion!!

As the slides-show progressed, my strokes grew quicker and quicker as I can feel the climax grew nearer and nearer. My mouth watered as the sensation pushed me uncontrollable toward the edge. Oooooooooo......OMFG I exploded!! I'm soooo happy with every moment of my 10-15 seconds of intense orgasm as I released my hot, sticky cum. How I wish I'm releasing my cum all over her rock-hard abs. My cum will sure contrast beautifilly with her more than perfect tanned skin. I'm so jealous of whoever that able to sleep with her.

It was really a MESS Julia has created, but she is worth every drop of cum that I've released. From now on, Ms. Julia Korfhage, the 2010 Nationals Middleweight Overall Winner will always remained as one of my favorite Asian FBB to wank.

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  1. yeah i really enjoy with them tanned in contest shape so lovely girls!!