Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yaxeni Oriquen - 2009 Arnold Classic Prejudging

Happy New Year to all. I've been busy lately, but made a promise that I post more content on my blog this year. I'll start with my no. 1 favorite, Yaxeni Oriquen. The Venezuelan breed beefcake is at it again with another spectacular meat exhibition. I've never been so turned on by other FBBs other than this muscle sexbomb. Yaxeni is ABSolutely spermalicious!! Take a closer look at her midsecion. Each abdominal muscle is so full and so delineated from one another. Love that deep valley cutting through the very lowest part of her abdominal wall. You could lose your car keys in those ab cut. I would LOVE to play with the ridges of her deeply tanned abs, and run my hands all over to feel its hardness. I get so enamored with her thick back and her endless fabulous legs that I almost can't let go. Every second of her routine is a teasing and watching this muscle show is ultimately too much for my cock to bear. Can't help it but shot my load, not once but twice to this muscle sexbomb. It feels soooo good. Thanks Yaxeni for another orgasmic moment. I'm looking forward for another intense orgasmic year to cum.

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