Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tina "Sperm Perger" Chandler

For those Female Muscle Addicts (FMAs) out there, Tina Chandler needs no further introduction. From her first winning in 2004 Texas Arlington NPC till 2011 Tampa Pro, I've lost count on the number of times I wanked to this spermalicious Shreveport, LA breed white beef. I would like to highlight her routine at 2011 Tampa Pro. Shiny PVC posing outfit on her  ripped tanned muscles, and Ooooo...that belly button ring, how can you resist a fast, furious wanking?

With Queen Debi's permission, I'm paying a tribute to this spermalicious white beef. Tina's rock hard tanned muscles deserved to be coated with my thick white cum..and Ooooo...how I wish I can rub my cock on her belly button ring when I cum. It makes me feel soooo good!!
Oooooo...Tina..keep pumping your muscles while I'm stroking my big fat cock. You have the potential to become my next Muscle Cum Queen!!

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