Friday, March 15, 2013

Olga Pusanova

Ms Olga Pusanova is worth mentioning. This Russian breed, 2012 IFBB Arnold Amateur Heavyweight Champion must have stiffened enough cocks, and drained enough jizz from fellow judges and hardcore Female Muscle Addicts (FMAs) in order to qualify and compete in the pro division.

In fact, it is seldom for a new cummer, especially an amateur to be ranked Second Runner Up in my 2013 Arnold Classic jizz list (behind Yaxeni and Debi). At first I don't know what to expect but the moment she steps on stage, I was under her spell. I was drooling and my heart stopped beating.  Take a look, a closer look at her. Every inch of her thick Russian muscles is a living orgasm. By the time I gathered myself I realized that I'm as HARD as her orgasmic muscles. Cock ramrod straight. That sounds the beginning of a handjob. Slow and gentle caresses. When I sensed  the pleasure coming, that was the beginning of a fast, serious pounding. When she started her abs flex, that was the end of furious pounding and the beginning of an intense orgasm. Streams and streams of hot jizz gushing out from my erected cock. Oh..forgot to mention her lush,  sexy lips. The thought of her sexy lips working on my erected cock sends torrents and torrents indescribable pleasure flowed through my body. I was so HAPPY. How could I resist. Well CUM to El Mariachi's world, Ms. Pusanova!!

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