Friday, October 16, 2015

Cum On Her Muscles - Laura Creavalle

Even though Laura has retired from the bodybuilding scene,  she is still the favorite of all female muscle addicts (FMA). This time she wants you to revisit her 1994 Ms Olympia final routine. She knows her glistening chocolate muscles will give all FMAs a major hard-on. When she started to swing her hips, you will get so xxxcited that the next second you will have your erected cock in your hand. She knows your imagination – her ass of steel is rubbing on your erected cock.

Now our Guyana breed chocolate muscle queen wants you to have a slow wet stroke while enjoying every single moment of her sexy muscle sexhibition. You can only cum when she gives permission to do so. If you can’t hold much longer, it doesn’t matter. Go ahead and beat off like a mad man. Whether you cum as a result of a slow wet stroke or vigorous cock abuse, Laura knows you will xxxperience the true meaning of mouth-watering, eye-rolling orgasm.

With all the pressure built, She loves to see your cock xxxploded.. She knows you are going to squirt hard with streams and streams of hot sticky cum. At the same time, the orgasm will be so long and intense that you feel you have been strike by lightning. By the time you gather yourself you realized the end result is a sticky mess.  That is also the end of her routine but Laura wants more. She wants to make you cum harder with another longer and more intense orgasm during posedown. Really jealous her boy toy(s) who got to fuck her that night..

Oooo..Laura you make me feel cum so hard and it feels sooo good!!

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  1. OMG what a routine! Sorry for not replying to your email - am busy moving house. Hope you'll put your latest Yaxeni masterpiece on here.