Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cum On Her Muscles - Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia

When cums to spermalicious muscle cum queen Yaxeni, I can on forever on my fantasies with her muscular body. At the same time, my cock will be instantly hard and the erection has to be dealt with. I have 2 choices:

  1. Search from my FBB wank bank for her pics (2009 Arnold Classic my favorite), select my favorite dance music with powerful female vocals, create a slideshow and start stroking.
  2. Search from my FBB wank bank for her competition videos and deal with my erection.

Regardless of my choice (most of the time I do both), the end result will be eye-rolling, bone shattering orgasms accompanied by streams and streams of hot sticky cum squirted everywhere. If the Yaxeni cum fun is accompanied by female vocal dance musics (the likes of Ultra Nate - Pressure (Spank Mix), Robin S - It Must Be Love, J K - My Radio, Corina-Temptation etc) I will experience utmost satisfactory orgasms - longer and more intense.

Today I'm trying something different. I created a storyboard, searched for the relevant clips, suitable female vocal dance music and put things together as an edited video for my ULTIMATE Yaxeni Cum Fun. Not the first time doing this..

The Story

The young Yaxeni was touching up her makeup and ready for a competition after party. She knew she will be having LOTS of fun - party, dance, meet her fans and flex for them. As a result, she will get extremely turned on. She will demand her husband for sex marathon where they will fuck all night. Somehow she realized there was a hidden camera. A Peeping Tom was in action. Instead of alerting the security, she decided to give the Peeping Tom - an old schmoe an ultimate private muscle show.

For Yaxeni, that will be her HAPPINESS. She enjoyed every moment flexing her ripped and tanned muscles. In fact she loves flexing for anyone regardless whether he is an ordinary female muscle fan or a schmoe. If he is a schmoe, that will turn her on. She knew she will cause the ultimate orgasm. That will also build her desire to demand more kinky sex from her husband.

At the other end, the old schmoe was enjoying stroking his erected cock. He couldn't resist, especially when our Venezuela muscle cum queen was showing her huge tanned bicep while using her lipstick. In fact this will be his ultimate HAPPINESS - getting a private posing from one of the sexiest muscle queen. As a result, he will get the best orgasm he'd ever experienced. He was stroking his cock - fast and furious. He knew he will cum like a fire hose. He sensed his balls were boiling and at the same time the orgasmic pleasure started to build up. You can hear his moans. Finally when our muscle cum queen flexed her biceps, he was off the edge. He squirted so hard - streams and streams of hot sticky cum and when he hit his peak, he shivered with an eye-rolling orgasm. Again you can hear his moans..

When the orgasm has finally subsided, he realized what a big sticky mess. At the same time, Yaxeni knew what a mess she has caused but she was extremely HAPPY with her doing. She purposely gave the old schmoe a dirty smile at the end. She hoped the old pervert schmoe had it recorded. She wanted him to watch this again, and cum over and over until he reached his wank limited, or overstretched if possible. Now she will be heading for the party and she will fuck all night long..


BTW, I've cum more than 6 times while compiling and editing this video, and below is one of the sticky end result - Yaxeni @ 2015 Texas Pro.

I'm a bit disappointed with her conditions this year. My cock was anticipating a BIGGER and more SPERMALICIOUS Yaxeni. This could due to her struggle to regain her BIG size after her knee surgery. Nevertheless she is still a Muscle Cum Goddess. Reached full erection in 15 seconds, 2 minutes of vigorous beating and eventually off the edge. 10 seconds of mouth watering intense orgasm (peak at 4-8). I'm pretty satisfied with my load but still remember my jizz load was twice bigger jerking off to her 2009 Arnold pics and clips.

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